Anatomy of Desire by Karine Laval

March 25, 2015

A 3-D pixelated image installation where the viewer finds herself immersed into the fragmented landscape of the artist’s memory. In Anatomy of Desire Karine Laval engages with the performance of sexuality, identity and desire, but also focuses on a notion central to photography and lens-based mediums in general: the gaze and other related questions such as seeing and being seen, revealing and concealing, voyeurism and the tension between private and public. All images were taken with a Blackberry - way before instagram and iphone photomania hit… PS. To this day Ms. Laval does not own an iphone ;) - we think its because she already knew then how amazing these intimate and low res images were and she is still somehow reminiscining about this… #justkidding…

If you cannot make it to the installation please check out this short film of the instalation at Theatrelab!

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