"Lightways" by Linda Jasmin Mayer

November 12, 2015

“A light on the edge of the path projects, and its radiance is directed at an object or a building. Sometimes the illuminated object is in the field of view of the passersby, sometimes it is not. Some of them stop with surprise, some of them just go on, some of them turn around, they’re irritated, is the light broken? Someone even asked if it was haunted.”

Linda Jasmin Mayer is an Italian lighting designer who has developed “Lightways” a light installation for ewoLAB.

Lightways, “A Light Beam Installation for Refshaleøen” light attracts, deflects and guides the perception.

Check out this beautiful project and read more about it on Ewo. The project is on view in Copenhagen thru January 2016.

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