New Media Narratives Course at ICP

March 1, 2015

NEW MEDIA NARRATIVES is the first program of its kind at ICP, drawing on the institution’s tradition of progressive, engaged, experimental photography in the pursuit of telling the most important stories. Participants will study experimental media from the days of the Surrealists to today, explore multimedia and transmedia options for engagement, use cellphones to create and distribute some of their work, learn the fundamentals of coding, have access to ICP’s enormous image archive, and engage with audiences across platforms. New Media Narratives welcomes artists, documentarians, and aspiring producers from all kinds of backgrounds. Students will have the opportunity to explore subjects of interest and tackle them from multiple angles in order to tell powerful stories that use the attributes of each medium to their full potential. Designing and mediating the complex digital interactions of the current media landscape to produce a desired narrative experience, is the job of the contemporary visual storyteller.

Students will invite their audiences to participate in the storytelling experience. Students are encouraged to explore connections between traditional and emerging practices and work in a collaborative environment.

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Studio 55 is honored to be on the Advisory Board of the New Media Narratives Program at ICP.

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