Have you ever lied in your life? Have you lied today? At least once? Honesty is the topic of this project ‘The (DIS)HONESTY Project'measures the extend of people lying since it is part of the world we live in. It’s human nature to lie, we all do it!!! But little fibs can snowball into large-scale problems with major implications for society.

The (Dis)Honesty Project hopes to create a safe space where they can explore the complicated truth(s) of the matter and improve our own behavior and the world around us. The (Dis)Honesty Project is a partnership between bestselling author and behavioral scientist Dan Ariely and SALTY Features. Their feature documentary film surrounding the project is premiering this week at Full Frame Film Festival in Durham and will be at the IFC Theater the week of May 22nd for a NYC premiere.

Check out their TRUTH BOX which is a video booth in which people are asked to share the truth about a lie they’ve told on camera.

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