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What makes artists and entrepreneurs so similar?

They are both humanists, innovators, interdisciplinary thinkers, passionate about their craft and knowledge. Both tell great stories, work best under constraints and are usually “initially wrong” to end up “ultimately right”.

At the crossover of these two worlds stands Studio 55.

We are a creative bureau who conceives, analyses, initiates, consults, coaches, curates and connects.

Whatever we do, we try not to forget John Howkins’ rules for entrepreneurs in the creative economy: Have fun, learn endlessly, be kind and ambitious, treat the virtual as real, admire success openly, be nomadic and (re)invent yourself!


Moving in the fields of visual arts, fashion and design, we work for brands, cultural and educational institutions, individual artists, and creative entrepreneurs.

By conceiving and providing strategy and business guidance to these visionaries, we help them to better unfold and sustain their creative ventures.

By producing original creative content and building bridges between people, organizations and institutions, we help to tell stories, promote unorthodox perspectives, challenge the obvious, and foster divergent thinking and solutions.



PLAY ground presents our current most favorite pastimes. Art, video, animation, new media and simply amazing projects are featured as plain visual stimulus.

Find more details and background info about our PLAYERS in the NEWS feed.

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SOUTHERN RITES by Gillian Laub | #ICPtak

October 8, 2015

*SOUTHERN RITES by Gillian Laub | #ICPtak *

Please join us this October 14th at 7PM for our third event of the Fall Public Programming at ICP out of the #ICPtalk series. For this panel we invited Gillian Laub to talk about her project: Southern Rites, a “original and provocative twelve-year visual study of one community’s struggle to confront longstanding issues of race and equality.”

This panel is free for ICP students and members. Present your ICP student or membership card upon entry. General admission is $10.

For tickets go to here!

See you all there!

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"PLAY" at Microscope Gallery

October 1, 2015

Microscope Gallery returns with a new exhibition: PLAY, featuring recent, historical, previously unseen and newly discovered video-based works by Emma Bee Bernstein, Alex McQuilkin, Erica Scourti, Jessie Stead, Mickalene Thomas, and Martha Wilson.

A performance exhibition of video installations, mixed-media and sculptural works that address topics like identity and stereotypes.

The exhibition opens on Friday September 18 from 6-9pm and runs through October 19, 2015!

Read more about PLAY here!

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