A creative bureau producing

cultural content for unusual people,

organizations, and institutions.

New York City

What is Studio 55?

What makes artists and entrepreneurs so similar?

They are both humanists, innovators, interdisciplinary thinkers, passionate about their craft and knowledge. Both tell great stories, work best under constraints and are usually “initially wrong” to end up “ultimately right”.

At the crossover of these two worlds stands Studio 55.

We are a creative bureau who conceives, analyses, initiates, consults, coaches, curates and connects.

Whatever we do, we try not to forget John Howkins’ rules for entrepreneurs in the creative economy: Have fun, learn endlessly, be kind and ambitious, treat the virtual as real, admire success openly, be nomadic and (re)invent yourself!


    • Analysis
    • Branding
    • Communication & Media Planning
    • Consulting
    • Content Development
    • Creative Direction
    • Curation
    • Digital Strategy
    • Education
    • Entrepreneurial Coaching
    • Fundraising
    • Marketing
    • Production
    • Representation
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Storytelling
    • Strategy
    • Webdesign

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