Dubai's World Drone Prix

March 14, 2016

What it’s like to fly through Dubai’s Drone Prix racecourse?

Can you believe that drone racing is the sport of the future? And The World Drone Prix (WDP) offers a generous $1 million in prizes..

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December 17, 2015

Own a Drone? You’ll Have to Register It with the FAA.

The Federal Aviation Administration announced today that anyone who owns a drone weighing between .55 and 55 pounds will have to register their aircraft with the government. Read more here

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"First Person View" at the Knockdown Center

August 14, 2015

“First Person View”, opening this Saturday at the Knockdown Center in Queens invites visitors to pilot drones around their gorgeous cathedral hall and a series of nine artworks within.

The creative director of the space Michael Merck says that he is interested in drones as a universal symbol for people’s evolving relationship to technology. We simply couldn’t agree more.

So if you are in the mood to fly a drone up inside a 40 foot high ceiling with amazing installations (including our friend E. Adam Attia’s “Smoke and Mirrors” designed with Leo Gibbs as a cube covered with images of a 1950s suburban American idyll!)..go run there this week-end and check out what the WSJ is saying about it!

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