New Media Narratives Program at ICP!

July 2, 2015

This fall ICP Education is offering a new | One Year Certificate Program featuring classes and seminars beautifully echoing the contemporary need for New Media Narratives

The Program provides advanced students with an intensive yearlong course of study to strengthen personal vision, teach professional practices, and explore the many disciplines informing media and art today. New Media Narratives explores the technology and mechanisms used in storytelling. Over three semesters, students take a mix of required and elective courses in photography, data visualization, storytelling, game mechanics, UX design, and design thinking.
Classes offered:
- Introduction to Multimedia: Narrative Storytelling for the Screen. Instructor: John Benton
- Multimedia 2: Narrative Storytelling for Podcasting, Mobile, and Social Media. Instructor: Bob Sacha
- Audio Workshop. Instructor: Bob Sacha
- Design and Code 2: Javascript and Front End Web Interactivity. Instructor: Rich Harris
- Storytelling with Video and Creative Video Editing Instructor: Stefanie Dworkin
- New Forms for Digital Narratives. Instructor: Phil Bicker
- Author and Audience: The Collaborative Author—You and Me as Data Points. Instructor: Lam Thuy Vo
- Visual Storytelling with Social Media. Instructor: Caroline Sinders
- Narrative Nonfiction Writing for the Screen. Instructor: Elizabeth Spiers
- Producing Participatory and Community-Based Stories Instructor: Bayeté Ross Smith
- Machine Learning on Social Networks. Instructor: Mike Williams
- Projection Mapping. Instructor: Claudia Sohrens
- Introduction to Making Images with New Technologies Instructor: Andrew Buckland

Program Chair is the incredible award-winning interactive designer and educator Elizabeth Kilroy.

Full disclosure - we are proud to be on the Advisory Board of this program. And to be honest we want to sit in every single class.

See you there?

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