How Oculus Cracked the Design of VR

March 27, 2016

“The Oculus Rift arrives tomorrow, and anyone who finds one on their doorstep must have an absolutely seamless experience. With all the momentum that VR has right now—the millions of people who are aware of it, the billions of dollars poured into it—Luckey would hate to see it stall because of something as pedestrian as a long wait for a driver update. So he opens a box, and he sets up a headset, and then he does it all over again. Because Palmer Luckey has never used an Oculus Rift.”

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Animate Your Way To Google

March 17, 2016

“Each year, Google’s in-house agency, Google Creative Lab, combs the planet in search of promising young creatives to become “Fivers.”

This year, the application process kicks off with an animation challenge!!

Visit for more info and don’t forget to apply asap!

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VR Experiments At Sundance

January 27, 2016

This year Sundance invited our full bodies to the festival showcasing dedicated VR program. Take a look and read more about the best film festival shorts and installations on Wareable

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In the Eyes of the Animal by MLF

September 23, 2015

In the Eyes of the Animal is an installation by Marshmallow Laser Feast. This fascinating project takes visitors on a journey that allows them to fly above the forest canopy, come face-to-face with hi-definition critters and embody various animals as they traverse the Grizedale landscape…

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VR In Museum Collections

November 17, 2015

Get a new and exciting way to look at a museum with the launch of the new WoofbertVR app which explores the best art galleries in the world in virtual reality!

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Go Back To Your Childhood?

August 13, 2015

Can you imagine to LITERALLY go back to your childhood.. The Childhood Project has come up with what they call a novel wearable suit that virtually recreates a child’s sensations, perceptions and experiences through your own body.

Looking forward to testing it we must say…

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