Mixed New Works

Dave Ortiz

Painting, Silk Screen Print

Dave Ortiz

“Mixed New Works” by Dave Ortiz The work consists of a series of painted portraits and two bodies of silk screen print work - The Goya Series and Santos. Silkscreening and printmaking has become a favorite technique for Ortiz in the last year working and addressing layers of memory, cultural perspective, introspection and allowing the artist to apply one of his strong talents and passions - the mixing and combining of colors. Dave Ortiz is a New York artist of Puerto Rican descent, and he is on of the artists who found his voice first in street art. His work focuses on heritage and cultural assimilation topics and he can be described as a colorist. His art has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in the domestic US and internationally. His work is in many private collections.

Sept 15 - Oct 10, Pony on the Bowery | NYC