Lazy Mom

October 11, 2017

Lovely insights on how young talented artists go about challenges and demands in building their careers.

LAZY MOM is a Brooklyn-based collaborative art project between Josie Keefe and Phyllis Ma. Using everyday food items—like fruits and vegetables, eggs, and hot dogs—Keefe and Ma create humorously surreal photos and videos, often with an undercurrent of social commentary.

Read the full article here .

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Debi Cornwall

October 7, 2017

Welcome to Camp America: Inside Guantánamo Bay

Book and Exhibition of our friend and ubertalented Debi Cornwall are to be expected this fall. Read a review of the book here And come see the show at New York’s Steven Kasher Gallery, 26 October through 22 December, 2017 with a panel discussion, 28 October 2:30-4pm.

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Items at MoMA

October 4, 2017

Paola Antonelli’s genius show at MoMA examining whether “Items: Is Fashion Modern?” is an intense game of catch-up and only the second exhibition in the Modern’s history devoted to clothing design.

Read the full NY Times review here

And just to toot our horn yours truly has 8 photographs featured in the introduction slideshow of the exhibition. Indeed, we are quite elated….

Visit the show thru January 28th, 2018.

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October 13, 2016

(New York City) – OCT 13, 2016 - The new body of work “RECENT PAINTINGS” by New York based artist Sam Fryer will be presented at PONY on the Bowery from Friday October 14th - Nov 20th, 2016.

On view by appointment only:

Opening Reception: Thursday Oct 13th, 2016 - 6-9 pm PONY on the Bowery - 365 Bowery #4, New York, NY 10012

“Recent Paintings” is a presentation of the most recent works of the artist. Sam Fryer is interested in systems, structure and the abstraction thereof. How do space and structure communicate and how can the artist resolve this conversation of systems? Fryer says, “There is a clarity to the materials of painting and a stubborn deliberation to the act of painting that amount to a variety of inquiry. An explicitly human inquiry: complete with the trials, errors, emotions, structures and organic matter implicit.

“Elegant meditations on the duality of progress, Fryer’s ink-colored canvasses brim with tension and vitality. His sophisticated handling of form, color, and texture produce radiantly refined compositions. Whether his structural arrangements lead the eye buoyantly across the canvas, or a work’s aesthetic ambiguity commands closer inspection, Fryer’s mystical configurations ensnare the gaze and tempt the touch. By activating our instinctual, physical responses to visual stimulation, the artist provokes the sensory certainty with which we evaluate physical landscapes.” - Allison Barker, 2015

About Sam Fryer is a New York abstract painter working in the Bronx. For the artist, paintings are breeding grounds for ideas. “It is essential that I cannot know what will come of an idea for a painting until I actually make the painting. Painting, for me, is active thinking. It is a learning experience that matures with each canvas. I am convinced that thought and feeling exist more abstractly than the concepts, words and other conventional forms of expression we use to communicate them.”

His work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in the domestic US. His work is in many private collections. For more information please visit his website

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June 6, 2016


(New York City) – June 3, 2016 - The new body of work “Surfaces” by New York based artist and costume designer Christian Joy will be presented at ‘PONY on the Bowery’ from Friday June 9th - July 3rd, 2016. On view by appointment only on weekdays from 4 - 7 pm.

Opening Reception: Thursday June 9th, 2016 - 6-9 pm PONY on the Bowery - 356 Bowery #4, New York, NY 10012

“Surfaces” is a new excursion into printmaking for the artist. Printmaking is a means Christian Joy uses in both her artistic and costume design practice but only rarely uses on two dimensional medium. In this show Christian will show a mix of prints on canvas created using heat press vinyl as well as traditional screen printing methods. The show will also contain cut out paper collage, a first step in Christian’s printmaking process as well as several three dimensional sculptures.

“In my work I want to give the feeling of crash landing on another planet. You awake confused, unable to read signs or decipher the sound of the language. But almost at once you begin to recognize colors, symbols and shapes. The planet feels less threatening and you are able to navigate your surroundings and begin to understand and feel comfort in your environment.”

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Art and Capital

April 18, 2016

The art market is not actually booming. Sociologist Olav Velthuis puts the artworld’s economic misconceptions to bed with Sarah Lookofsky. Read up on DIS magazine

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Islands and origami- Olafur Eliasson

April 12, 2016

“Supersized spheres, rainbow walkways and kaleidoscopic spaceships – the otherworldy designs of Olafur Eliasson dance between art and architecture, fusing light, colour and geometry in their real world environments” - The Guardian

Look at the full article here!

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20 Most Influential Young Curators in Europe

March 30, 2016

Take a look at the top 20 most influential young curators all around Europe on Artsy!

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5 Experiential Artists to Elevate Your Consciousness in 2016

March 25, 2016

“From large-scale immersive experiences, to mind-bending virtual reality exhibitions, experiential art is an open invitation to step outside of your own reality, tune in to other worlds, and reach higher planes.” Take a look at some of the best experiential Artists and design studios Liz West, Rachel Rossin, Jeremy Couillard, NONOTAK, and Moment Factory.

More on The Creators Project

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Canonization of Saint Bowie

March 10, 2016

Every since David Bowie-shaped died in January 10 of this year, his death has affected so many worlds — music, film, art, fashion. “Saint Bowie” An exhibition at the Stephen Romano Gallery of the artist “made reliquaries, ex votos, Santos, sigils, altars, ephods, spirit photos and much more objects dedicated to communing with Bowie on the other side.”

The exhibition will be on display until March 29th, don’t miss it!

More info on Hyperallergic

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Fear of Content

March 10, 2016

“In “Against Interpretation,” Susan Sontag is at pains to protect art from being reduced to mere content. “Whatever it may have been in the past, the idea of content is today mainly a hindrance, a nuisance, a subtle or not so subtle philistinism.” If you pull that sentence out of its context, you might misread it as a contemporary critique of the internet, which is loaded with “content” — whether it be shoddily produced click bait, slapdash “hot takes” or inane viral memes and quizzes. The word content is used sneeringly in these critiques, as if to say this material should not be dignified with the word writing. Indeed, content is always “produced” rather than written, suggesting a cynical mechanical process that can be initiated without inspiration or conviction.”

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Carolee Schneemann on Feminism, Activism and Ageing

March 9, 2016

“There’s a pattern whereby female artists get more attention once they’re no longer deemed sexually attractive – the sexual instincts of critics stop diverting their palettes.” – Carolee Schneemann

Carolee Schneemann, an American visual artist, known for her discourses on the body sexuality and gender talks “disillusioning young creatives, starring in soft porn for money, and her unexpected affinity for cats.”

Read the whole story on AnOther Mag

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The Goya Series by Dave Ortiz

March 1st, 2016

THE GOYA SERIES - By Dave Ortiz, 2015

In 2015 Dave Ortiz has created a new body of work entirely dedicated to the silkscreen printing process evoked and enabled by his residency at the Gowanus Print Lab in Brooklyn. The process of silk screen printing is by many considered as the artisanal approach to printing requiring manual intervention by the artist in the context of a medium of mass production. This manual intervention is what attracts Ortiz to the medium of silkscreen print - it provides the perfect translation of his artistic challenge to leverage and express his individual and highly personal experience within the context of a mass produced environment. Ortiz adds to each individual print a lot of free hand adjustments, manipulation and sometimes paint.

The Goya Brand evokes memories for nearly every Puerto Rican. Every Hispanic American. What started as a playful exploration of Boricua heritage in the face of white American pop art, has become a very personal project for the artist in the review and analysis of his own life, cultural heritage, and the challenges of family (dys)function.

In this work Ortiz also explores the values of Hispanic heritage and culture as defined by his family, community and by corporate branding via the emotional and sentimental ties formed around family meals and food related memories of his childhood.

“The Goya Series” prints of mundane everyday items are on the most superficial level a cheeky tribute to Andy Warhol’s iconic Campbell soup can, but this alone would be one dimensional and not all that original… Other artists have worked around the “can”.

For Ortiz the two main topics of exploration in “The Goya Series” are:

  1. Ortiz’s own history of crossing lines of expectation both within his family standing out as the black bean amongst red beans as the odd kid who was a dreamer, loved to paint and was different than the others, and as Boricua from East New York leaving the ghetto yet always staying the other in his group of friends being called “Chocolate Bar” or “B-Dave”.

  2. And on another level this work series points at the other American realty- the non white one - of a corporate brand framing and becoming an intrinsic part of family memories by feeding and bringing up generations of Hispanic Americans for decades.

The Goya print series is part of a larger project and interactive installation “Bodega Ortiz” The installation features a Bodega on the Lower Eastside of New York - one of the core cultural infrastructures of Boricua life in NYC.

“Bodega Ortiz” is built by the artist and his team, operated by Ortiz’s parents Andres and Providencia Ortiz, and visited by family members - uncles, aunts, nieces, cousins and friends who are stopping by to hang out and chat, play Domino, remember and share their stories of their “Bodega Memories”.

The project is presented for financing and sponsorship.

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Artist search!

October 29th, 2015

On Materials Websites, Stock Photography, Casinos, Pronouns, and Art

An interesting perspective on the varied search and desire for materials, forms and structures artists pursue and create …

Read more on dis magazine

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Arts Students work harder than Law students?!!!

July 25, 2015

Who knew?! Art students work harder than law school students?? But most of all - we dare to make the hypothesis that arts students probably also got a deeper insight into the exploration of personal growth along the way… Read all the stats and more detail here! ARTS ? #winning

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The Goya Series by Dave Ortiz

July 15, 2015

Dave Ortiz has created THE GOYA SERIES, Spring 2015

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Meet the Cultivist

June 1, 2015

The Cultivist, “the world’s only global arts club offering uniquely privileged access to every aspect of the art world.” While a lot of other clubs are more commercial, organizing online auctions, offering services for collectors, or acting as a middle man between galleries and clients, The Cultivist is strictly a “private member’s club” with a $2,500 buy-in.

Read more on Art News. Who says money can’t buy it all?! ;)

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Christian Viveros Short List for Artists to Watch in 2015!

April 24, 2015

New York-based art critic, curator, former art dealer and art fair director, Christian Viveros selected 15 artists to watch in 2015. Among them are film directors such as Gordon Parks, Peruvian artist Fernando Bryce, Photographer Nick Waplington, Irish painter and filmmaker Brian Maguire, among others. We enjoyed going over this list, finding old favorites, current passions and coming across some new talent…!

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Tongueless Pelicans: An Exhibition and Residency in Leipzig

April 7, 2015

Daniel Horowitz is a Brooklyn-based artist working across a range of media whose work has been exhibited both in New York and internationally. He recently launched a Kickstarter Project, and has only 2 days left until it ends. Go to support our friend before he leaves for his upcoming prestigious Art residency in Leipzig and he can really use your help!!

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"You’ll have the most beautiful experiences. Sometimes just the sky." - Patti Smith

February 15, 2015

The “punk poet laureate”, Patti Smith, spoke to a group of young people at the Louisiana Literature festival in 2012. Patti Smith advised the young, “Don’t worry about earning a bunch of money, be concerned about doing good work. Keep your name clean. Eventually your name will become it’s own currency”.

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Exhibitions, Crucial for Shaping Photography

February 7, 2015

Published by Contrasto, Photoshow highlights how certain exhibitions, including The Family Man, were essential for photography’s wider acceptance as a distinct art form. The book’s curator, Alessandra Mauro, asserts that photography connects both reality and narratives, with exhibitions acting as a perfect way for telling these stories. It seem that audiences have always been intrigued with the real, personally relatable stories for which photography acts as a better means to communicate them.

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"The Shadow of a Doubt" Aerial Performance by David Birkin

November 11, 2014


Aerial performance over New York Harbor, Veterans Day, 11 / 11

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Modern Art as a CIA weapon... Seriously?

October 27, 2014

A fascinating look into the past and the use of Modern Art by the american government during the cold war.

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Performance Pieces - but are they Art?

October 14, 2014

In prevision of Frieze a nice article in the London Evening Standard on Performance Art featuring the work of our friend and collaborator Item Idem and its remarkable Shanzhai Biennal!

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Today / Yesterday by Ioulex

September 30, 2014

The days to the presentation of a video project initiated and co-produced by yours truly are counting down…

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Daniel Horowitz's Camouflage - Sunday Sept 14 at Pioneer Works

September 8, 2014


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More attention to culture on Google

July 27, 2014

Street art, women in culture and other great topics at Google’s Cultural Institute. Beautiful project and interface!

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To be or not to be?!!!!

July 7, 2014

Do you know TO.BE?

If you like art, if you love the internet we highly recommend to check out this new platform and get started to cut and paste and appropriate what you can get your hands or better mouse on….!

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A tide of celebration in the Rockaways!

July 3, 2014

We are SO going!!… Patti Smith and Klaus Biesenbach of MoMA are teaming up to start a new festival to celebrate the re-opening of Fort Tilden and their adopted community of the Rockaways. Exhibition is up through September 1st!!!

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Isabella Boylston Promoted to Principal Dancer at American Ballet Theater

June 30, 2014

Congratulations to one of our own - ISABELLA BOYLSTON!

We are so happy and proud of her, what an achievement. Yessss!!!!Isabella is now the youngest Principal of American Ballet Theatre.

See here todays announcement of the NYT.

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Post Internet Art and Marx

June 27, 2014

An interesting take on Post-internet Art, Marxism and Retail..

Christopher Glazek, Wallpaper for dis magazine

ONE EVENING LAST SUMMER, far from New York City, I was cornered by a senior curator from a prestigious arts institution. The woman, who was urbane, stylish, and in her late thirties, had a pressing question. “You live in Los Angeles,” she noted. “Can you tell me, is Petra Cortright a feminist?”

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Recursive patterns....

July 28th, 2014

Recursive patterns inspired by Alan Turing:

creators project design kjfakjjncm zvn

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